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Food Tour in Old Delhi

Old Delhi has been the historical epicenter of Indian history since the 12th century and still retains that medieval charm. Centuries after centuries, it became home to the ruling dynasties in India, which left as much impact on food as on architecture and culture. The narrow streets of Old Delhi are bustling with life and filled with aroma of a wide array of street food indigenous to the place.

The food here speaks volumes about the rich taste that has been passed from one generation to generation and therefore no less than a legacy. From rich Mughlai dishes to the flavourful panipuri, the street food in Old Delhi are sure to take your taste buds on a culinary adventure to remember so make sure you come hungry!

You can find these culinary gems hidden in various streets or rather galis of Old Delhi. Irresistible jalebis, samosas, chaats, kebabs, deserts and much more await you to set your tongue on a taste explosion. They say that food lovers enjoy their food three times: first, when they see it; second, when they smell its aroma; and third, when they taste it. Here are the top 10 gems of Old Delhi that will invoke the food lover in you.

Parathe Wali Gali

One of the most famous places where you can try all kinds of stuffed parathas you can imagine, which taste from very spicy to sweet, so you can choose based on spice quotient. Hot fluffy parathas are served with pickles, salad and cold raita made from curd and dry roasted spices.


Don’t forget to try the taste bomb panipuris in parathe wale gali. The crisp puris are filled with tangy tamarind water and potato stuffing, and is the king of street food in India.

Natraj Dahi Bhalla

This one is a personal favourite of moms. The bhalla is made with pulses and spices and deep fried and Dahi is curd with spices. It’s not just awesome in taste but also healthy.

Kebab’s at Karim’s

Near the Old Delhi Jama Masjid, is the meat lovers’ Mecca, the Karim’s. It is said that a restaurant was opened by the descendent of a royal cook of the Mughals, in 1913. You can find some of the most delectable kebabs here, leaving you craving for more.


After spicy kebabs, move to the famous jalebi wala on Dabira Kalan road and indulge in delicious jalebis made in pure ghee and served hot.

Just like the lanes of Old Delhi, the list is never ending. Delhi tour is incomplete without gastronomic Old Delhi Food Tour. The magical lanes selling over 1000 different varieties of food, with Mughal era structures at the backdrop, is a sight in itself. Food is a way to talk to someone’s heart and this Old Delhi Food Tour promises, you will leave not just with your tummy full but your heart filled with joy. The prices are unbelievably cheap so you can sample all that you want even on a budget. Do let us know which one is your favourite after your visit to this culinary melting pot in Old Delhi.

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